About me...

I believe in pushing creative limits by applying imaginative interpretation to life through photography and design. When I'm not glued to the computer screen editing photos, I'm perfecting my personal ritual, and art form—making coffee. I also love the usual things like traveling, tirelessly responding to Tinder messages, and finding access to high-rise rooftops. I photograph portraits, weddings and glorious landscapes.

I live, work, and create out of Raleigh, NC, but I'm always okay with traveling. 

What it's like to work with me

Photography is an investment, and I'm here to make sure your investment is well spent. My goal is to give you timeless photos that you can look back on decades later and to fall in love with that moment all over again. My vision is simple — creatively capture people in their element, and allow the viewer to feel the moment and authenticity of the photograph.

I won't ever tell you to "act natural" because not everyone is a model who knows what to do when they get their picture taken. Working with me takes away all of that pressure. There's no performance, nothing you have to memorize, and no expectations to pose yourself. I will be walking you through every movement and every set up so that you don't have to worry about what's happening. There's nothing I enjoy more than taking someone's portrait because it means we get to know each other while creating a space for stress-free creativity.

Weddings, in particular, have the potential to be overwhelming. My goal as both a photographer and level-headed person is to alleviate that pressure before, during, and after your wedding. Yes, there are contracts, timelines, and logistics, but we will diligently walk through each step together. On the day of your wedding, I'm in control of your photography so that you don't have to be. 

All we need is mutual trust. The most important element in choosing a photographer is that you love their work and feel comfortable working with them. 

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